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Ron John's Cafe and Catering is the brainchild of one man: Ronald John Olzak. Ron has had a passion for cooking and serving others since he was a young boy. He spent countless years in his own kitchen and others perfecting his cooking skills, always impressing friends and family alike with his expertise.

Ron John's Cafe

With every compliment usually came a customary piece of advice to Ron: "You should open your own restaurant." It had been always been a dream of his to open his own cafe, but he was waiting for the right opportunity to come along. With the help of his wife, Paula, his brother, Dan, and many other friends and family, Ron was finally able to open up his own cafe, bearing the name he had always been called as a young boy, Ron John. Now, Ron John's Cafe and Catering is here to serve you for breakfast and lunch, as well as your catering needs.

Ron John



Zack - Grill Master


Tyanne - Cashier

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